Air Conditioning

This service vaccuum test the system for leaks or cracks where the gas may leak out, replaces and recharges compressor lubricant and refrigerant levels, desinfect your system of bacteria. We also offer air conditioning cleaning service.


We offer FREE battery health check to assesses the condition of the battery and identify battery health or any underlying faults before the replacement and dispose of the old one. Our batteries come with 3 to 5 year warranties.


There are many different signs of worn brakes: grinding, squeaking, juddering, sponginess, soft pedal, dashboard lights or ineffective handbrake. As a Brembo specialist we can repair or replace any brake issues or prevent them from happening.


Our expertly staffed bodyshop can handle any job from small dents and scratches to body repairs and full car resprays. We can also deal with any insurance claim and work directly with third party providers. Pop in to our garage or contact us for a free bodywork repair quote.


If you experience clutch judder, slip, drag or having trouble selecting gears, you might have a faulty clutch on your vehicle. When in doubt about your clutch being faulty or worn, we offer a free while-you-wait service to check your clutch before we start any work.


Warning lights, fault codes or error messages appearing on your dashboard can be checked by our trained technicians via specialist computer diagnostics equipment, identifying the cause and prevent more serious problems with your vehicle.

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MOT check


Our trained technicians can trace and repair any electrical fault on your vehicle, from blown fuses and bulbs to major wiring loom repairs. We also carry out repairs on instrument clusters, ABS pumps, lights, ECUs, body / transmission control units or other control modules.


Faulty exhaust symptoms include loud engine noise, metallic sounds from underneath the vehicle or even headaches and dizziness while driving due to leaking fumes into the cabin. At Barry's we always try to repair or weld exhaust before replacing any exhaust sections.


Trouble shifting gears, leaking transmission fluid, burning smell or unusual clunking or whining noises from the gearbox are all signs that your gearbox might need repairing and shouldn't be ignored. We can service, repair or even replace both automatic and manual gearboxes.

MOT Testing

The MOT is an annual test of the roadworthiness of your car and is a legal requirement to drive on the roads. Our MOT testers can test your vehicle while you wait and we offer free retests within 10 working days. We test vehicle classes 4, 5 and 7. See MOT page for more information.


Servicing maintains your car and its engine in good condition, reducing the risk of faults and breakdowns. We offer interim or full services and also any manufacturers service schedules to keep your warranties as with main dealers. Click the icon for complete checklist for both services.


Suspension is the system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows you to drive safely and comfortably. Having a bad suspension can greatly affect your ability to control the vehicle, especially when stopping or turning.


Unsure about the condition of your tyres? Pop in to our garage for a free tyre check to asses the condition, wear, leaks or any recent damage to your tyres. We offer any major brand replacement while you wait and also carry out tyre puncture repairs and calibration or replacement of faulty valve sensors.


Vehicles suffering from severe rust and corrosion in any prescribed areas such as seat belts, suspension and steering, may pose a threat to the structural integrity of the vehicle and result in MOT failure. Our experienced welders, can undertake any welding repairs to ensure your car is safe on the road.

Wheel Alignment

Uneven or rapid tire wear, pulling to the sides, noisy steering or steering wheel crooked when driving straight are all signs of a car being out of alignment. With four wheel laser alignment process we will ensure your wheels are set to optimum position as per manufacturers specifications.

Family run garage in North West London since 1969

Collection & Delivery

We offer free collection and delivery in North West London area. This service has to be booked in advance.

free mot retests

In the event of a failed MOT test, we offer free MOT retest withing 10 working days from the date of the test.


Recovery services available in case of breakdown, insurance jobs or vehicles out of tax anywhere in Greater London area.


While you wait for your work being done, you can enjoy our clean and comfy waiting area with a view on MOT ramps, Wi-Fi, TV and customer toilets.